Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What a week!!!

HOLY MOLEY!! What a crazy week...

Let's start a week from tonight... last Wednesday the Collision youth group with to a local nursing home and sang Christmas carols.  Seriously probably one of the best ways to spend a night. And it can be emotional to see these older people cry because young kids took time to sing just a few simple songs... talk about the simple things in life...

Then there was Saturday... WHAT A WIN!!!!!! The Cornerstone Christian Cougars middle-school basketball team took the court under a new offense and a breath of fresh air.  We shot terrible in the first quarter; down 16-5 at the end of the first quarter.  But myself and the assistant coaches remained positive and told the kids over and over to keep shooting and not to get frustrated because shots weren't falling.  At halftime, we were down 6... and the end of the 3rd... we were up 1 and the final score was 33-29.  To break that down a little... they scored 16 points in the first quarter and only scored 13 more the rest of the game.  GREAT job!!!

The only "downer" of the game, was a fan on for the opposite team.  He was screaming and yelling at the refs... he clearly didn't know the rules.  But when two Christian schools come together and especially at a MIDDLE SCHOOL game, fans would be able to control themselves... but this guy had it out for us... and even yelled and screamed at one of the assistant coaches as he was leaving.  I'm proud our fans know how to be supportive of BOTH teams.

Ok... finally nice, happy things.  Sunday, I was blessed to sing with a very talented lady named Mary.  She has her own album out and is traveling to Norway to help lead worship on the mission field.  It was definitely a great time...

Monday... ahhh Monday.  I got to watch White Christmas!!!!! Talk about a classic.  It is very refreshing to see an old film that is done well... not flashy cut scenes and special effects... just good ol' acting, singing and dancing!

And finally Tuesday (through Saturday)... I was asked to travel to Indiana with Jessica Keown as an "insurance driver" in case of snow since she is terrified of snow. (The reason for her trip here is to attend a wedding from one of her teammates on the World Race).  And since I never took a personal vacation time this year, I thought... what the hey! So Tuesday we drove to Indianapolis (no snow on the trip so far) and are staying with the Ms. Ashley Wheeler.  It's definitely nice to get away and see old friends. And tomorrow we are going to the NCAA Hall of Champions!  There's an interactive floor... which I will be showcasing my talents there... might even get a scholarship.

So yeah... that's my week. I know... probably not all that entertaining, but it was a huge week!
Take some time this week to look at Christmas lights... cuz you only have 11 days left!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here!

As you all know (all of you in the eastern Nebraska/western Iowa reading audience)... it snowed this past weekend!!! And yes, I soaked it all in as much as I could!

The day started with the first regular season basketball game for the Cornerstone Christian Cougars! We played hard, but lost the game.  It was definitely good for our guys to get some more "game" experience and build their confidence.  I'm very blessed to have two great assistant coaches; Coach Drake and Coach Moritz.

After the game is when the 'fun' started.  It had snowed a good 2 inches and the streets were SLLLLICK! And the hills of east central Omaha also made for interesting travel.  But once I arrived home, the day was perfect.  The snow fell all day and I had a ROARING fire a-blazin'.  There was football on TV, countered by Alaskan State Troopers on the National Geographic channel... followed by some intense Call of Duty play by me and my roommate JJ. Amongst the TV watching was some good ol' fashioned popcorn. The best.

The classic line from Saturday was from JJ - "You know you are having a lazy day when you stand up from the couch and you get a light head."

Then Sunday came....

As you probably know, I LOVE Christmas.  Christmas music. Christmas lights. Christmas decorations.  Christmas movies. Christmas bell ringers... the whole sha-bang-abang. BUT... Christmas music in place of worship music... that is still hard for me to grasp. Not that I don't think its possible to worship to Christmas music... it's just harder since those familiar tunes are all too familiar.  But tis the season...

Anywho... I hope you all enjoyed the snow and the weekend.  Christmas is less than 3 weeks away so get your shopping done.  Also, take time to go on a walk... I know it's cold outside, but there's nothing like a walk in the crisp air to make you appreciate the warmth of your house!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow, Puzzles & Fires

Sounds like a great combination... doesn't it?  It's November 30th... the last day of the month... meaning 25 days until Christmas!!! The trees are up, the lights are hung and Christmas songs are heard echoing through the hallways of my apartment, workplace, car, and every store I stroll through. Yet no snow...

It's starting to get frustrating! If any of you saw in a video posted to Facebook, I become like a little kid every time I see the snow fall!  And not that snow is necessary for me to be in the Christmas spirit... but... well, yes it is necessary.  BUT HAVE NO FEAR!!!! We have a small chance tonight for a snow "dusting" and a better chance Friday night into Saturday with a good chance of a couple inches at least!  So to all you snow haters... suck it up... you have 8 other months to enjoy the weather... let us Christmas fans have our fun.

I was a major contributor to a puzzle some friends were putting together on Sunday.  I pieced approximately 50 pieces to their 500 (actually 499) piece puzzle.  Now... you are probably laughing saying that I only contributed around 10%... BUT the last puzzle I put together had about 10 pieces to it. It was fun though!  Who needs PlayStations and 3D TV's to have a good time... give me some cards and maybe a puzzle and some good movies.

But I will need some PS3 time in there...

Finally... fires.  We have a REAL fireplace in the apartment!!! Now, there is a chance that some jack-wagon lights the whole complex on fire... but that will not be me.  Plus I think there's something deeper to this obsession of being a man and fire. Think about the when man had to create fire for warmth and to cook food.  It was essential for someone to make a fire in order to survive.  I do not have to rely on fire to survive... but I do equate my manhood to my ability to create fire.  Kinda.

Alright... so get those puzzles ready (always good memory making time... even if your kids will cuss you out) and make sure your (real or fake) fire place is ready to go for the SNOW!!!

Disclaimer: Also make sure popcorn is on hand.  Always a great snow/fire/puzzle snack.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here we go...

ALRIGHT... So this will probably turn out to be more like a rant blog or a "what Jeff finds important" blog... and as I'm typing this... my friend Jessica says "Remember... whatever you put on the internet is there forever... so don't be stupid" - Thanks Jess.

First off... Grumpy Old Men... great movie.  I hope I have enough spunk to walk around when I'm 80 and call people "putz" or say "bust my toukus"

This could very well be a blog like the video blog from "Last Man Standing" ... gotta love Tim Allen.

But in the end... I wanted to create this blog because I think it will be fun to write things from time to time and then look back at things as time past... kinda like a diary... but more manly... cuz diaries aren't that cool anymore.... people use Facebook statuses as their diary status.... that's annoying.

So please follow me... who ever is out there... cuz I don't know very many bloggers.