Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here we go...

ALRIGHT... So this will probably turn out to be more like a rant blog or a "what Jeff finds important" blog... and as I'm typing this... my friend Jessica says "Remember... whatever you put on the internet is there forever... so don't be stupid" - Thanks Jess.

First off... Grumpy Old Men... great movie.  I hope I have enough spunk to walk around when I'm 80 and call people "putz" or say "bust my toukus"

This could very well be a blog like the video blog from "Last Man Standing" ... gotta love Tim Allen.

But in the end... I wanted to create this blog because I think it will be fun to write things from time to time and then look back at things as time past... kinda like a diary... but more manly... cuz diaries aren't that cool anymore.... people use Facebook statuses as their diary status.... that's annoying.

So please follow me... who ever is out there... cuz I don't know very many bloggers.


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